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Mold Will Cause Secondary Damage

Mold remediation is expensive so it is important to know humidity levels in your home, especially with the snow still on the ground and the heat from the sun warming up the inside of your house. It is not just your building you have to worry about when you have high humidity but all of your content as well. If your furniture or belongings are sitting in a room that is all fogged up then they are going to have a film that will permit mold to grow. Your fabrics such as sheets and clothing will also be an excellent place for mold to develop. If you understand about vapor pressure then you will know that if you have a low humidity outside and high humidity inside then it would generally be a good idea to open the windows and “burp” out the wet air. We would not automatically recommend to open the windows on all flood jobs because the reverse is also true. If the humidity is higher outside and you open the windows more moisture will rush into your water damage problem. We recommend that every time there is a water problem that you would want to have a controlled environment where it is possible to dictate the relative humidity, air movement and possibly temperature in a particular area. We would call that a drying chamber. If we can set up a controlled environment on the water job we can prevent not only high humidity but also secondary damage as well.