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5 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Go Rustic

Whether the rustic aesthetic suits your existing home style best, or you would prefer a more natural holiday look, opting for rustic decor can make a subdued statement in your home.

source: SAS Interiors

Fill Your Home with a Golden Glow

Creating a welcoming ambience for the holidays can be super simple and easily achieved. By opting for golden lights on your tree, garland, and more, you are instantly setting the mood for festivities while crafting a cozy atmosphere.

Gift With Greenery

Ditch the usual ribbon and top your gift with a pretty piece of greenery. It’s an unexpected but beautifully rustic look, as shown in these gift wrappings

Use Presents as Decor

Why spend all that time on wrapping gifts to perfection if you aren’t going to show them off? Line your staircase with presents in various fun patterns for a simple but chic decor idea.

Make It Magical With Light

Wrapping evergreens and leather straps on tiny strings of lights that you never have to plug in. The light’s so much more magical when it floats.”