6 Tips for Creating a Fire Escape Plan

It is important to have a fire escape plan before the event of a house fire.
Source: National Fire Protection Association
Fires double in size every minute, making them spread extremely rapidly. If you hear your smoke alarm sound, you may only have a single minute to get out of the house to safety. This makes it important to have a plan in place before the event of a house fire. Everyone in the household should be well-versed in this plan and prepared to take action if the worst happens.

Not only do you want to have a plan, but you should also be putting it to the test with everyone in your household. Having some test runs will allow for the fastest reaction time in the event of a fire.

Learn 6 Tips for Creating a Fire Escape Plan for your household.
Install Smoke Alarms

There should be a smoke alarm installed inside and directly outside of every bedroom. There should also be alarms on every level of your home.

Know Emergency Contacts

Everyone in your household should know the emergency number for the fire department. Once everyone is at the designated meeting point, this number should be called immediately.

Mark All Escape Routes

Make sure you and everyone in your household is aware of all escape routes, usually being doors and windows. Try to have two ways out of every room.

Make Sure Your House Number is Visible

Double check that your house number is visible from the street. This is essential for emergency responders to identify your home as quickly as possible if you need assistance.

Pick a Meeting Place

You and everyone in your household should decide on an outdoor meeting place. Examples of this include a friends house in the neighborhood, a street sign, a mailbox, etc.

Be Prepared for the Real Thing

Once you have a plan in place, you should do some test runs. Actually acting out a real scenario will help everyone have the quickest reaction time in the event of the real thing.


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