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7 Design Trends to Implement in Your Home This Year

  Design trends are always changing, and today’s homebuyer wants an up-to-date house. Shag carpet and veneer walls were popular in the 1970s but now, those are seriously outdated. A home with that type of interior design can be harder to sell. When you are looking to improve a home before a sale, you should consider some of the current interior design trends. Here are several of the hottest design trends for 2018:

Earthy Colors Reign Supreme

For the last several years, gray tones have been all the rage. Sometimes called greige, it is a mixture of gray and beige. Gray is dominant, but the color palette adds a little color to the soften gray. Soft pastels and earthy tones are the trend for 2018. They are tones that appear in nature, like browns and soft greens. An example is poised taupe, which was named Color of the Year last year by Sherwin-Williams. Purple is also popular as accent colors, but purple can be really hard to pull off well. It tends to dominate a room. You should test a few colors on the wall before you paint so you can make the best choice for the room. Top Interior Design Trends for 2018: earthy living room

White in the Kitchen Is Out

Historically, kitchens have been white — countertops were white and cabinets were white. That is no longer the trend. Some designers are adding natural wood tones to cabinets, and others are getting even bolder. They are painting cabinets green or a bright blue. The color adds a little spice and brightens the space. And why not, a kitchen is often the center of activity in the house and where entertaining takes place. It is also easier to keep clean. White shows every blemish, but a brighter color can hide the day-to-day grim of daily kitchen use.

Formal Dining Table in the Kitchen

The eat-in kitchen is usually the place for a quick breakfast or a snack. It’s an informal space. When entertaining, guests will normally eat in the formal dining room. But formal dining rooms are becoming less common, and some people are moving the expensive dining room furniture into the kitchen. That usually means removing the center island from the kitchen to make room. Rather than gather around the island, your guests sit at the table while you cook. It centralizes entertaining to the kitchen and makes serving food simpler. Top Interior Design Trends for 2018: Kitchen colors

Concrete Accents

Concrete counters and concrete floors have been a common trend in recent years. Many designers are now using the material as an accent feature. A space that might normally have wood trim or a beam as an accent can have concrete. Concrete can be dyed pretty much any color, and the texture of concrete can add a soft tone to an interior space. When done correctly, concrete can even have the same quality finish as granite or marble. Designers are also building concrete furniture and concrete light fixtures.

Banana Leaf Accents

Banana leaf accents might seem a little crazy in today’s push toward natural colors, but they are perfect for adding a little color to a space. You can do just a little, like placing a couple of green banana leaf pillows on a grey couch. The pattern also works on curtains and as a duvets cover in a bedroom. If you want to be really bold, banana leaf wallpaper is a possibility. Bananas are also becoming popular as an interior houseplant, bringing a little bit of the tropics inside your home. Top Interior Design Trends for 2018: banana print

Turn off the Edison Light Bulbs

Edison light bulbs have become ubiquitous in coffee shops and restaurants. They are often covered by mason jars or just exposed. Designers were going for an industrial theme and softer lighting. Home interior designers have followed the trend. Go to any light store these days, and the majority of the fixtures have Edison bulbs. Now the trend is toward starburst chandelier, resembling something out of the 1950s, and rustic light fixtures with wood finishes. Many have a DIY feel. They are efficient at lighting a space and can be used in a variety of rooms.

Personalize the Space

The real 2018 interior design trend is making the space your own. You can do a lot of the work yourself, adding your own personal touch to the space. DIY has gone mainstream, and there are numerous online resources that can help. You don’t have to go to the local furniture store. Instead, head down to the hardware store and do the work yourself. The trend strays away from smooth finishes that look store bought. A couple imperfections are fine — that means it has character. You want to leave your mark on the interior of the home. It’s your home: make it feel like it.