Mold and Mildew

8 Ways to Mildew-Proof Your Bathroom

Choose Mildew-Resistant Paint After you enjoy a steamy shower, your bathroom walls absorb the lingering moisture, which can spur the growth mold or mildew. Choose a paint that resists mildew, or one that has a mildew-resistant additive mixed into it, to give your walls an extra measure of protection. Keep It Well Ventilated Mildew thrives in Read more about 8 Ways to Mildew-Proof Your Bathroom[…]

Spring Cleaning

How to Deep Clean Your Home Year-Round

Deep Cleaning Checklist for Your Kitchen Useful Deep Cleaning Supplies All-purpose cleaner Oven cleaner Microfiber cloths White vinegar Baking soda What to Clean Every Week Countertops: Spray down with all-purpose cleaner to keep stains and germs at bay. If you have stone countertops, use mild dish soap and water instead. Floors: All you need is Read more about How to Deep Clean Your Home Year-Round[…]

Mold – What is it and should you be concerned?

  When Mold Becomes a Problem As you can see, molds play an important and friendly role in maintaining a healthy ecology. But they can, at times, become a foe instead of a friend. While mold spores are everywhere, when the kinds, location and quantities reach levels that have the potential to cause harm to Read more about Mold – What is it and should you be concerned?[…]