August 21, 2015

Post Construction Cleaning FAQ


  • Will my contents stay in the house during construction?
  • That depends on the type of severity of the loss. In many instances, most if not all of your contents can remain in the house. On jobs where your contents are damaged, they will typically be brought back to our facility for cleaning and repair.
  • If the contents need to be packed out or packed in, who does that?
  • If your insurance policy covers the packing out/in of your contents you can ask your restoration company or insurance agent who they would recommend.
  • Where will our contents be stored?
  • We maintain approximately 7,100 square feet of content cleaning and storage space. After any necessary cleaning or repair is completed, your contents will be carefully packed and placed into individual storage vaults, which are both secure and separate from contents we are storing for other clients.
  • Who determines if a contents item is salvageable?
  • We will assist by offering our best opinion of whether an item can be salvaged. However, the final decision is between you and your insurance company.
  • What becomes of my non-salvageable contents?
  • Once your insurance company has settled a contents loss with you, the non-salvageable items belong to the insurance company. Typically they are disposed of, but in some instances you can purchase them back from the insurance company. Contact you insurance company representative for more information.