Popular Closet Configuration Design

Long gone are the days of closets being relegated to stashed-away space. The closets home pros are designing and homeowners seem drawn to now offer just as much style sense as storage. To get a better picture of what closet features are taking off or going strong, we spoke to a handful of closet pros in markets across the country and abroad, and scoured some of the closet photos Houzz users saved most in 2018

1. Luxe Lighting

What the pros say. Again and again, the closet design pros cited integrated and often dramatic lighting as a request they’ve heard more from homeowners in recent years. Lighted rods and shelves, interior cabinet lights, lights that shine on cabinets, and LED lights highlighting other specific areas of the space seem to be coming up in designers’ work more often, they said.  Getting the low-key look. Incorporating custom lighting is typically a pricier undertaking in general, but a few thoughtfully placed fixtures or LED bulbs can go a long way, the pros say.

2. Mixed Materials

What the pros say. Closet trends often follow in the footsteps of kitchen trends. That pattern may be at play in the number of homeowners and designers asking for and installing closets that combine different colors and materials. “Whereas for years you picked a color — white, black, wood grain, whatever — now there’s a tremendous surge of color mixing.” One example might be a particular base color for vertical panels and shelves, and another for drawers and doors

3. Warmer, With Wood

What the pros say. The rustic character that’s been such a staple of the popular farmhouse style appears to be making its way into closets as well. “I am seeing a migration from ultramodern to transitional — a wanting for more warmth in the space, whether that’s wood-grain cabinetry or lighting and furnishings.” Wood looks have additionally gained traction in the form of new textured melamine closet systems and other materials that appear more like natural wood than some earlier wood-grain iterations.

4. Hidden Features

What the pros say. Smart solutions that can neatly be tucked away remain a popular ask, designers say. Moore says his team often hides safes for valuables and integrates hidden panels or compartments into closet projects. Additionally, collapsible or pullout valet rods, hanging rods, ironing boards, drying racks and other features are desirable extras.