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Waterfall Edge – Your Kitchen Inspiration

Once considered an ultra-modern decor choice, waterfall counters are popping up in a variety of kitchen styles these days. They add a sleek, minimal look to any kitchen design while helping to hide appliances and protect wood cabinets. They’re often easier to clean. And’ if you really love your counter material, you can you can show it off more of it when you pick waterfall style. Read More About It Here: 6 Kitchens

Inspiration for Kitchen Concepts

At the start of 2016, Caesarstone, manufacturer of quality Quartz surfaces for commercial and domestic kitchens, began a year long collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon.  ICE (shown above) introduced a series of four conceptual kitchen installations inspired by the elements – Water, Fire, Earth and Air.  The installations were revealed at the Interior Design Show in Toronto this past January. The Ice Kitchen was inspired by the sharp angles of glaciers and the frozen lakes of Northern lands. This is where icebreakers clear the ice for the passage of freighters. ‘Powering their way through the ice, they leave behind a frozen mix of jagged pieces in a spectacular array of whites and greys’. Read more: http://dornob.com/ice-earth-fire-air-conceptual-kitchens-by-tom-dixon/#ixzz46NsFqfMT Ice, Earth, Fire, Air: Tom Dixon’s Conceptual Kitchens