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The Surprising Subway Tile Trend Transforming Our Bathrooms

A change in perspective can totally reinvent this white-bathroom classic

Subway tile is a tried-and-true classic, whether it’s on the backsplash of your kitchen or the walls of your bathroom. And it has gained that status for good reason: It’s timeless, a chameleon for all design styles, and very affordable. However, it’s become such a classic that we’ve nearly hit our threshold for finding subway tile interesting. There are lots of great, still-classic alternatives for white subway tile if you want to try something different, but if you want stick with the original, we’ve discovered a great hack for reinventing subway tile in our bathrooms. If you want to completely change the look of original subway tile, turn it on its head—literally. Rotate the pattern of the tiles so they run vertically instead of horizontally. We’re so used to seeing subway tile laid in a brickwork layout—also called the running bond pattern—that simply changing the direction of the tiles creates an entirely new look

Another non-white example: Gray glass tile with white grout is a winning color combination. We love how the tile pattern corresponds with what it’s near: horizontally above the edge of the tub and vertically in the shower