Tips for Renovating a Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Tips

Tips from  Studio Snaidero Bay Area owner, Michael Glasser. We wanted to find out what we should know before heading into a showroom and making decisions. What is the best way to see if the cabinets, countertops and hardware work well together? I always recommend that clients bring samples home to see how they interact visually in the ambient light of the actual kitchen space. When coming into a kitchen showroom, what is something that we should have prepared and ready to go? Plans or even a rough dimensioned sketch of the kitchen space are always helpful to put my answers to a client’s questions in context.  Photos of the existing space on a phone or iPad are similarly useful.  Also an open mind: over the years I’ve found that people’s preconceived ideas of what style or finish of cabinets they want are often discarded once they see the remarkable variety of our designs and finishes. How do we know when a material or finish is right or not for us? We can provide recommendations based on our experience for preferring certain materials and finishes in a given setting, but ultimately this choice is highly subjective.  I tell my clients that if they need to convince themselves that finishes harmonize together, then they probably don’t. If the combination of finishes is right, the choice is spontaneous. If we have to be budget friendly with one type of kitchen item, which one would it be? Cabinet finish. Some of our most interesting finishes are also our least expensive and most durable.  Other decisions and costs such as countertop material or appliances are often fixed based on functionality – the range in the cost of cabinet finishes is much greater. Is there something to always keep in mind when deciding cabinet, home appliance configuration? At least in the Bay Area, kitchen spaces are typically not very generous, even in large expensive homes.  So it is important to scale the appliances appropriately to insure that other functional considerations such as adequate storage and counter work space are not compromised. How should we budget out a kitchen renovation project? My clientele is not too concerned with a budget, they know they will gain quality product and design. On other items for a kitchen renovation, I am almost never asked to give estimates for non-Snaidero items such as: counters, appliances. The contractors I recommend handle the overall project budget estimates. Is there a new feature in kitchen design that will be changing how we live and think about kitchens?  Not that I know of.  Progress in this field is usually evolutionary.  With brilliant cabinet systems like Snaidero and the truly advanced appliances available from domestic and European manufacturers, kitchens have attained a remarkable level of utility and aesthetic sophistication. Inevitably more and more electronic and web based features will be added, but in my view they are superfluous.  I see the kitchen and time spent there as a refuge from the ubiquity of the connected world. Read More Here: Kitchen Renovation Tips from Snaidero