When Selling Your Home, Are Neutral Colors like Builder Beige Too Boring?

Beige is a color that we see with a lot of multifamily housing project because its neutral and cheaper than a custom paint color. However, today’s more taupe-based beige have a nice quality of warmth and don’t have as much yellow in them as in the past. Colors like “Whitetail” by Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin-Moore’s Maritime White are good, neutral colors to consider.

Living Room

Beige or gray can serve a purpose

Colors like gray or beige do create a natural backdrop that allows possible buyers to envision their own furniture or design them in the current setting. Colors are very preference oriented and what one person likes, the other may despise. Having a low-tone color opens the opportunity for a potential buyer to have the opportunity to imagine what the house would look like with “their” color palette.

Adding color accents

Rather than having every room a different color or just default to beige tones, you can enhance a room with an accent room of a different, somewhat matching color. This gives a room depth and variety without having to paint each room a different color of the rainbow.